Curious about how you'll get to and from the march? Here's the plan!

In general, we highly recommend that you join the march at a commuter rail or T shop, either by taking the train from Boston to meet the march, or by driving to a commuter rail station or T stop and then parking nearby. That way, when the march ends, you can make your way home or back to your car by public transportation. Each day, the march will go by several commuter rail stations and/or T stops, so you can pick the meeting place that works best for your schedule!

If you're planning to drive to a commuter rail station and park there before joining the march, we recommend checking out this list of commuter rail parking lots, which should give you a sense of what to expect -- some are extremely busy and tend to fill up during the week. Please note that overnight parking is not permitted at commuter rail stations, so if you plan to join the march for multiple days, you will need to find street parking near the commuter rail station. We have confirmed that there is overnight street parking in Franklin, Norwood, and West Roxbury and are in the process of confirming it for Sharon. 

Please note that throughout the march, we will offer shuttles to our dinner location for those who cannot march the whole way!

Thursday, July 14 (Medway to Sharon)

  • We'll have a bus from the Democracy Center in Cambridge (45 Mt. Auburn St) to Medway for the start of the march on Thursday morning. Please RSVP to get a spot on the bus, which leaves at 8:00 am.
  • We'll also be running shuttles from the Franklin commuter rail station to Medway to pick people up. The best train to take arrives in Franklin at 8:56 am. Full train schedule here. 
  • We'll arrive in Sharon by the evening, so if you're not planning to spend the night with us, you could take the commuter rail back to Back Bay or South Station (or we are providing shuttles back to your car, for people who parked at the Franklin commuter rail).

Friday, July 15 (Sharon to Norwood)

  • The Unitarian Universalist Church of Sharon (4 N Main St, Sharon), which is generously hosting us on Thursday night, is less than a third of a mile from the Sharon commuter rail. If you want to join the march on Friday, we recommend taking the commuter rail and meeting us in Sharon. Sharon is on the Providence line
  • On Friday, we'll also pass close to a commuter rail station in Stoughton and another in Canton Center, so you could take the train to meet the march in those places. Both Stoughton and Canton Center are on the Providence line. 

Saturday, July 17 (Norwood to West Roxbury)

  • We will spend Friday night at the First Congregational Church in Norwood (100 Winter St, Norwood). The Norwood Central commuter rail station is a short walk, so taking the commuter rail and meeting us there on Saturday morning would be the easiest way to join the march. The Norwood Central station is on the Franklin line, and the earliest train on Saturday (departing South Station at 7:20 am) arrives in Norwood Central by 7:51 am -- just in time to join us! 
  • If you'd prefer to meet us in West Roxbury during the day, there is a commuter rail station (the Highland station on the Needham line), but it is about a mile and a half from the construction site where our action will be. We may  will run shuttles on Saturday afternoon from the commuter rail, so stay tuned about pick up times! The construction site (approximately 5242 Washington St) is also accessible by bus or bike from Boston, and there is ample parking for those who are driving.
  • If you'd like to meet us in West Roxbury for the night, we'll be staying at Theodore Parker Church (1859 Centre St, West Roxbury), which has been a center of pipeline resistance in the area! Theodore Parker is a very short walk from the Highland station on the Needham line, and is also accessible by bike and bus from Boston. Some street parking is available in the general area. 

Saturday, July 17 (secondary march from Weymouth to West Roxbury)

  • For those planning to join the Weymouth / Quincy march, we recommend taking buses 220, 221 or 222 from Quincy Center to the Bridge St at Monatiquot St stop. From there, it's a short walk to 6 Bridge St, where our march will kick off. (Quincy Center is on the Red Line, for those coming from Boston).
  • Alternatively, you can drive or bike to 6 Bridge St, where (limited) parking is available. 
  • We will offer a shuttle back to 6 Bridge St on Saturday evening for those who need to return to their cars after marching to West Roxbury. 

Sunday, July 18 (West Roxbury to the State House) 

  • To meet us at Theodore Parker Unitarian Church we recommend taking either busses 35 or 36 to stop Centre St at Corey St. Sunday's march will be accessible by several T stops --check out the route to figure out the best place to meet us!