Monday at the State House

Not everyone can march 43 miles over four and a half days! That's why we're inviting you to join us for one of the most exciting moments of the march: our mobilization at the State House on Monday, July 18. 

(If you're looking for the schedule for other days of the march, click here.)

Monday, July 18: Bringing Our Power to the State House! 

On Monday, July 18, we'll take the energy, power and momentum we've built and bring it to our elected officials in the State House! 

The Context

We could be on the verge of a critical win against new gas pipelines and the pipeline tax. A few weeks ago, thanks to the persistent efforts of 350 Mass and Mass Power Forward, the Senate unanimously voted 39-0 to add a pipeline tax ban amendment to their version of the big energy omnibus bill. Now, the Senate and House versions of the bill are being considered by a six-person conference committee -- and we think the committee could be sympathetic to banning the tax. 

Monday, July 18 is our opportunity to make one final show of force. Join us! 

The Plan 

9:30 am: We'll gather briefly on the State House steps (24 Beacon St) and then head together into the State House

10:15 am - 10:45 am: Rally inside the building, on the Grand Staircase

10:45 - 11:15 am: After the rally, we'll send delegations to the offices of Senate President Stanley Rosenberg and Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo, then march en masse to the office of Governor Charlie Baker. 

11:15 am - 1 pm: From there, we'll split up. If you're interested in lobbying your state senators and representatives about the pipeline tax, you can do that, and we'll have materials on hand for you to use. Or, you can join 350 Mass to learn more about Plan B -- our plan for how we'll respond if we don't get a pipeline tax ban from the legislature. We'll be meeting near the State House (at the Climate Action Business Association, 131 Cambridge St, Boston) to discuss the ways in which Governor Baker could stop the pipeline tax himself, even without legislative action. Together, we'll prepare to escalate against Baker, so that if we don't get a win from the legislature, we'll be ready. 

Monday is our moment to show our leaders that if they don't stop the pipelines, the people will. Trust us -- you won't want to miss it! 


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